Happy Birthday Bestie

On May 16, 2017 my best friend in the whole wide world, Sarah (aka @mightbesarah), will be 23. And this is the first time in a DECADE  that I will not be there to celebrate her birthday with her. Which is pretty sad because Sarah knows how to do birthdays. If I was home right now we would probably be getting her a birthday button at Disneyland, planning places to go to brunch, complaining about not being able to fly to Walt Disney World, getting venti Black Iced Teas at Starbucks and trying to decided between Panera and Mimi’s for lunch. I’m pretty sad to be missing this birthday, and it deserved more than an Instagram post.


Sarah is one of those people who is just awesome all the time. She’s insanely, next level smart, absolutely hilarious, and the coolest person you will ever meet. Since moving to London, 90% of our communications have been sending each other Disney photos on Instagram and discussing future matching Disney outfits. This is our thing, matching Disney outfits. I would say we are probably the cutest people that have ever visited Disneyland but I’m probably slightly biased. Our life goal is to be matching in Tokyo Disney because I know that is pretty much our life calling. Sarah has actually BEEN to Tokyo Disney already (and of course got us matching merchandise because DUH). I was very jealous but she brought me back lots of amazing Tokyo merchandise which was amazing. (Thank you bestie)

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Most everything Disney related on this blog has been done with Sarah; we have painted shoes together, made countless amounts of Disney ears, planned every Disneybound that is possible from our closets and went on the best Disney vacation EVER to Walt Disney World. Our Walt Disney World trip was probably one of the best trips I have ever taken, we planned it for MONTHS. I even slept over at Sarah’s house at the 180 day mark before our vacation so we could be sure to be on the website *right* when the dining reservations were released. We almost didn’t get a Be Our Guest reservation… it was a stressful time. We researched what fast passes we should get, planned out every place we would eat, decided on matching outfits for almost every day, and even made matching backpacks so we could be that level of EXTRA cute.


I don’t remember the first time Sarah and I went to Disneyland together but it has been at least 10 years… thats a lot of Disney trips. I am going to take some credit for turning Sarah into a bigger Disney nerd because I remember forcing her to watch the parade with me years ago and just yesterday she was sitting front row for Soundsational and live snapchatting it to me. (I am so proud) I also remember forcing her to watch Fantasmic a few times and two days ago she said she would get the dessert package to watch the new show with me so we could get VIP seating… if that is not a true friend I don’t know what is. (I rate friendships on what dining packages they would get with me.)

2013 – Sarah’s face when I forced her to sit and watch Soundsational, OH HOW FAR WE HAVE COME. 

Sarah is also the best person to share food with at Disneyland. If  anyone knows me they know I do not share food with ANYONE. I hate sharing, I’m going to blame that on being an only child. But Sarah and I have a perfected system of sharing at Disneyland, specifically at the best restaurant in the whole resort (or shall I say the COUNTRY), Cafe Orleans. It is a perfect place to go to with your bestie because splitting the pommes frites, a Monte Cristo and Mickey beignets is honestly the most perfect thing ever. I am literally counting down the days until I can go home for the summer and do this again (goodness I miss refills and iced tea). But Sarah also knows that some things are not an option to share, she would NEVER ask to split a churro (the HORROR) and I would never ask for a bite of her Mickey pretzel. Those things are SACRED and only a best friend will know that obviously you each have to get one.


Sarah and I do other things together besides Disney… but obviously Disneyland is the most fun. And when you live in Orange County and don’t surf, enjoy the beach or enjoy LA at all Disneyland is pretty much the only option besides avoiding the middle school crowd at Cinema City or visiting McDonalds for the 5 billionth time. Disneyland is a huge part of Sarah and my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was the perfect place to go after school or on a weekend or endlessly during the summer (when we weren’t blocked out, damn you SoCal Select pass!) Disneyland is the place that we would go just for a few hours when we had nothing to do, or just wanted to get dinner, or wanted to take cute pictures, or watch World of Color, or eat churros. And living in a country without Disneyland OR my best friend has been harder than I thought… but that just makes me even more excited to come home and head STRAIGHT to Disneyland with Sarah (in matching outfits that we have been planning for MONTHS).


Love you bestie! Happy birthday!

And just for funnies, here is a *sort of * timeline from our years at Disneyland. It only goes back to 2010 because I don’t think either of us owned a camera or a camera phone before that. (How far we have come….)

2010 – RIP the California Adventure Letters
2011 – This went from being a cute doorway, to the Monsters Inc Meet and Greet to the Marvel Meet and Greet… oh how Hollywood land has changed.
2012 – The year we performed at Disneyland and realized it was really not as exciting as we thought it would be. 
2012 – Also the year I started working at Disney which was great because it meant we could go FOR FREE. (minus the emotional cost of 3 years of my life working at a soul sucking theme park… but that irrelevant because DISCOUNTS)
2013 – The first time we Disneybounded, who knew what an obsession THIS would turn into. 
2013 – This is my favorite picture in the whole world so it had to be included.
2014 – Our first Dapper Day together, we went on the wrong day and almost no one was dressed up. But it was still AWESOME. 
2014 – Our first Mickey’s Halloween Party. Our costumes rocked, we got on every ride with no wait, we had so much candy, we realized Mickey’s Halloween Party is probably the greatest thing to ever exist. 
2015 – This was a big year because we went to DISNEY WORLD. Probably the best vacation of all time. We planned for MONTHS and it was so worth it. Except we took next to no photos… how could we have been so careless?? Who even are we??
2015 – Also the year I quit Disneyland, but we would have had to buy tickets to the Halloween Party anyways so it wasn’t *too* much of a loss. (But those few months where we both didn’t have APs was HARD)
2016 – We had annual passes again, we had unlimited photo pass photos, we had matching Tokyo Disney merchandise, all was right in the world.
2017 – this is the closest we got to going to Disneyland together over Christmas break because I’m a terrible person who lives 6,000 miles away and comes home when there are block out dates. 
I have no idea what year this was from. But somehow it survived the void of the internet. It deserves to live on. 

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