Disneybounding is a Disney fashion trend that was started by Leslie Kay on tumblr a few years ago, since then it has grown into a full Disney phenomenon that makes going to the parks so much more fun and so much more stylish! If you want to find out firsthand what Disneybounding is check out their site at disneybound.tumblr.com.

For my best friend Sarah and I, Disneybounding is a challenge to make the most out of our wardrobe. I think the true art of it comes out when you don’t go buy things specifically for a character but you make it work with what you already have. It gives new life to some little used pieces in your closet you probably already have and gets you to think creatively about new outfits! Although it’s a common misconception, Disneybounding is not cosplay. It’s the art of being inspired by Disney movies or characters or themes or attractions and making your wardrobe work for you!

Disneybounding is a great way to make a Disney trip a little more exciting. Coordinating with a group of friends or planning outfits for a vacation is just another way to get excited for a Disney Day. The best part about this trend is that anyone can do it! There is no age limit, no expensive costumes to buy, no rules! The fun part is seeing what YOU can create from what you already own!

Check out the Style gallery to see some easy outfit inspirations!


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  1. Ahhh sorry😕 cool post! Ive never been to Disney but it sounds fun!

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  2. megdiane12 says:

    So cute! I love your posts and your DIYs! 🙂

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  3. modestlyhot says:

    I adore this!! I also do disney looks!! Check it out!😍💙😘

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