Disney PhotoPass Magic

Disney has a wonderful service called PhotoPass where professional photographers located across Disneyland and Walt Disney World will take your picture for you and save it to a card where you can access your photos online and decide to purchase them or not. This service is free to use and the only charge would be for photo downloads or prints that you decide to order.

My best friend Sarah and I have been to Disneyland hundreds of times and over the years one of our favorite aspects of a Disney trip has become planning our outfits and the photos we will take of them.

I know… we sound like typical twenty somethings… but we love “twinning” and “disneybounding” and pretty much just finding as many things to instagram during our trip as possible. One of the best perks of the Signature and Signature Plus annual passes at Disneyland is UNLIMITED PHOTOPASS PHOTOS. Yes, you read that right, as many professional photos, ride photos and character photos as you can take. Sarah and I have taken FULL advantage of that perk over the past year, but something we just found out about on our last trip were something called ‘Inspired Photographers’. It is rare that we find something we don’t know about at Disneyland… with about 18 years of being a pass holder and 3 years of being a cast member. Inspired Photographers were something new…

We met Jessica in front of the castle, an amazing PhotoPass Photographer who noticed our matching outfits and asked us if we wanted to have some fun. She took us all over the castle telling us how to pose and making us feel like models. We had SO much fun! It was Jessica who told us to go find the “Inspired Photographers” all over the park who would want to have fun taking creative photos and not just your average posed castle shots. We went on the hunt and found Daniel in Fantasyland and, let me tell you, he gave us the most magical experience of all my years visiting Disneyland. For about a half hour he took us on an amazing Fantasyland photoshoot making us feel so special! I had the BEST time with my best friend and we will be keeping a lookout for more of these inspired photographers on our future trips.

Tips for using the Disney PhotoPass Service:

  • Always have your PhotoPass card out and ready to hand to the photographer BEFORE you start taking photos. If you are an annual pass holder you can just hand them your pass.
  • Be respectful of the photographers and other guests. Inspired photographers offer a great experience where you can take as many photos as you want and take your time but when you are meeting a character or have stood in line for a photographer stick to just a few snaps, you can always get back in line if you want more!

  • If you have a Signature or Signature Plus pass you get all your photo downloads for free, make your PhotoPass photographers life much easier by NOT handing them your cell phone or personal camera. (Trust me the PhotoPass photos will turn out much better on their professional cameras)
  • If you come with a large group and have a PhotoPass photographer take a photo on your cell phone pick one phone to hand to the photographer. It is very simple to send or AirDrop photos to your whole group once you are finished.

  • Visit the PhotoPass store on Main Street to get your prints immedietly (much faster than ordering online and waiting for shipping!)
  • PhotoPass offers many ways to edit, add borders, text, etc to your photos. You can do this in person at the PhotoPass store or online when you click on “edit” on your photos.


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