Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is on Sunday and if you’re anything like me you probably leave putting together a gift till the last minute. As I get older gift giving gets a lot harder because I’m slowly running out ideas of awesome things to get my mom, between birthdays and Christmas and Mother’s Day it’s so hard! But my mom is pretty darn amazing (and I’m sure your mom is too… although not as amazing as my mom) so she deserves the best! So if you’re stuck for ideas I hope this will help!! Mom’s always love stuff their kids make right?? Right?? And I can’t make a macaroni necklace or a weird play doh sculpture anymore and get away with it… Damn being an adult or whatever. So this year I decided to make a box to hold all the nifty giftys in. The best part about this is that it’s completely customizable for your own mom! And it’s super cheap, super adorable and 100% guaranteedkkk to receive and “awwww” from your mom. {not actually guaranteed because this has not been tested on my mom yet… But we can hope…}

The following will just be a ‘how to’ of what I did, but of course you can use different boxes, trim, paint, etc. Get creative!

Step 1: Get your box!

 Mine started as a plain wooden mini crate from Michaels ($5). It was very rough and probably should have been sanded or at least primed? But I am semi lazy and can’t be bothered to do that. Plus I think it gives it a more vintage look? (Just be careful of the splinters!

Step 2: Paint your base color!

I used a multi surface soft green color that I picked up for only 99¢! SCOREEEEE! There is probably good technique to painting this but my technique was just “put as much paint on without getting paint onto yourself”.

Step 3: Shabby-chic-ify your masterpiece.

This is as easy as taking another color of paint and lightly brushing it all over. It’s defenitly not to cover up your mistakes… Because that wouldn’t be very professional at al… Cough cough….

I used gold for this step! It actually ended up looking really good and very anthropologie-ish! (Cue sigh of relief)

Step 4: Trim!

I found 5 yards of different trims in the Michaels dollar section! But really all you need is 3 different types of ribbon or trim that you want to fancy up your box with!

To attach the ribbon simply trim to the size of the box and use a hot glue gun to glue it along the top of each of the slats.

 I also tucked in the edges and glued them so that they wouldn’t fray.

You’re all done!!! Now all you have to do is sit there and admire your handy work!

After letting everything dry fully you can fill your super easy and fast DIY gift box with whatever your mom will love. I love this gift box because it’s something that my mom can actually use in her bedroom or desk, and if I do say so myself it turned out pretty darn good!

I chose to fill my mom’s box with a Buffy bar from Lush ($7.95), a Glam Glow Mask ($24) and a Voluspa in her favorite scent which is gardenia ($8).

I love how this turned out and it was super easy to make! Even if you already have a gift for your awesome moms you can use this for any birthday or even for yourself 🙂

Remember to hug all your moms on Sunday! And tell them that they rock, because moms are kinda the best people ever. And they deserve the best 🙂


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